Friday, December 23, 2011


Hit my brothers up at PARABELLUM
The best leather goods in America.

RUINS- "Chambers Of Perversion"

What Germany is like


Lloyd- "King Of Hearts"

Exactly what I mean. The Black Keys, Jack White, and Animal Collective don't understand my life!
But, Lloyd nailed it!

Birdman and Mack Maine- "Billionaire Minds Y.M.C.M.B."

I was driving around L.A. in my Blacked Out Suburban (Really!) trying to explain to this girl how 'Rock/Psych/Garage/Punk' etc... *yawn* doesn't mean anything to me anymore.
I am simply unable to relate.
However, I totally understand every single track on this record.
It's as if Birdman and his YMCMB family are speaking directly to my life on numerous levels!

Young Jeezy- "The Real Is Back 2"

Run 'Chickens No Flour' then go cop TM:103